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Acceptance Test-Driven Development / Behavior-Driven Development

Better Software through Collaboration

Learn to accurately transform requirements into testable specifications and apply those skills to streamline communication, decrease rework, raise customer satisfaction, and promote trust within the organization in this self-paced eLearning course.

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  • Learn the Principles of Acceptance Test-Driven Development
  • Discover how to turn requirements into acceptance tests
  • Define what is a good acceptance test
  • Learn how to use acceptance tests as a communication vehicle
  • Explore how ATDD embodies Build Quality In and Shift Left
Built-in quality allows quicker delivery of business value. One of the key practices in realizing built-In quality is Acceptance Test-Driven Development (ATDD) / Behavior-Driven Development (BDD). This course describes how the triad (customer, tester, and developer) creates acceptance tests to provide a joint understanding of the requirements. It shows how to use those acceptance tests as a communication and verification tool. Applying these skills streamlines communication within the organization, decreasing rework, raising customer satisfaction, and promoting trust within the organization. These methods have demonstrated an ability to be able to lower released errors by up to 90%. This course is based on Lean-Agile Acceptance Test-Driven Development by Ken Pugh.
This course helps participants understand how to transform requirements accurately into testable specifications. This is a collaborative, efficient approach that minimizes waste. It addresses requirements, specifications, implementation and testing. 
Who Should Attend
This course is appropriate for anyone who is involved in the definition, development and quality assurance of software related products including customers, product managers, business analysts, SMEs, developers and testers.
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Course Outline
General Introduction
Your Introductions 
My Introduction 
Your Project 
Examples of ATDD
Temperature Example 
Software Development Process
Introductory Example 
Value Stream Map 
Requirements and Tests 
Shift Left 
ATDD/BDD Process
Levels of Testing
High Level Requirements 
User Stories 
Work Flow
Acceptance Tests
Test Anatomy 
Test Warmup 
Test Warmup Review 
More on Tables 
Business Rules 
Cross Functional 
Overall Process
Process Thoughts
Stories and Acceptance Tests 
Test Evaluation 
Other Topics
Complex Business Rules 
Alternative Tests 
System Boundary 
Events, Responses, States
Real Life Example
Requirements and Specifications 
Testing Pyramid 
Not An Ending, But a Beginning


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