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Selenium 2 WebDriver With Java

Learn to automate web applications using Selenium WebDriver with Java

Learn to automate the testing of websites based on real-world techniques and experiences using the Selenium WebDriver API. This eLearning course focuses on the information you need to get productive with Selenium WebDriver.

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  • An experienced practitioner teaches you to use Selenium Webdriver
  • Master real-world techniques with Selenium WebDriver API
  • Learn by doing with an additional six hours of self-learning exercises

Selenium WebDriver is the web automation tool of the moment, and its skills are in demand. When you understand Selenium WebDriver usage patterns, you can increase your ability to write efficient automation code.

In this course, you will learn via real world techniques associated with the Selenium WebDriver API, based on the experience of using Selenium WebDriver to automate production websites. This course focuses on the information you need to get productive with Selenium WebDriver. It does not cover Selenium IDE because you won't use that in a production environment. The course emphasizes and demonstrates self-learning strategies so that you don't just learn the Selenium WebDriver API in depth; you also learn how to discover more on your own.

About the Course Instructor

Alan Richardson has been working with Selenium since 2007 and WebDriver since 2010. Over the years he has helped his staff learn Selenium using the methods in this course: discussing the theory, showing examples, hands-on work, then critique and code reviews of worked examples.

About the Course

We have taken three days of course material and created complete video instruction. Learn from an additional six hours of self-learning exercises. Before you sign up for the course, make sure you take advantage of supplementary information provide for free. In addition to the lectures and exercises, there is also over 200 slides to aid your self-study and 4,500 lines of code to study (calculated using Metrics Reloaded). Your work will be support as you go through the course, and if you need any additional explanation or have a question, you can ask in the comments section. We will answer, and even create new videos showing the answers and them add them to the course.

Questions? 929.777.8102 [email protected]
Course Outline

Installing JDK, Maven, Firefox IntelliJ
Setup instructions for Windows
Setup Instructions for Mac
Writing your first @Test method
Running Tests from IntelliJ
Source code for all exercises and examples
Creating your project with IntelliJ
Overview of Maven
Maven troubleshooting FAQs
IntelliJ Hints and Tips

JUnit overview
Hamcrest overview
Shared setup and teardown for tests with @Before and @After annotations
JUnit Suites

Basic Selenium Webdriver
Automating with real browsers
Navigating web applications
Finding Elements on a page
Interrogating elements

Working with HTML Technologies
Handling Alerts
Working with Frames
Navigating between windows and tabs
Manipulating Window sizes
Dealing with Cookies
Creating your own Cookies

Working with Selenium WebDriver
CSS Selectors
XPath Selectors
Clicking and interacting with HTML elements
WebDriver Support classes
User Interactions
Taking Screenshots

Synchronisation - making your test code robust
Implicit Waits
Coding Explicit Waits
Using ExpectedConditions Support class
Writing Custom Wait Conditions
Refactoring synchronisation code
Using JavaScript on the Page
Using custom JavaScript with WebDriver
Working with different browsers - Firefox, Chrome
Headless Browsers

Selenium Grid - working with multiple machines
Using the Remote WebDriver
Using a local Selenium Grid
Working with Cloud Grid Providers

Advanced WebDriver
Driver Managers for simple configuration
Page Objects
Running in Continuous Integration
Cross Browser Testing overview
Production Tricks and Tips


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