Reality Check: AI's True Impact on Software Development

Reality Check: AI's True Impact on Software Development

What role will AI play in the future of software development? Is it a job killer? Another fading fad? A transformational breakthrough that will transform our industry? It depends who you ask.

It’s time to cut through the noise and examine what AI truly means for developers, testers, and leaders.

Join us for a critical conversation where we’ll examine where AI stands today and what impact it will actually have in the future. Software development innovator Bob Martin will join host Jeffery Payne to discuss:

  • AI's transformative potential for software development.
  • How much “intelligence” is actually in today’s AI strategies.
  • How will AI accelerate software modernization efforts.
  • How can software professionals take advantage of AI to advance their careers.

Whether you're a seasoned development pro or a curious newcomer, this webinar is your chance to gain valuable insights, ask your questions, and discover how AI can revolutionize your development approach. Register now and secure your spot for this essential exploration of the future of AI.