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Private Virtual Team Training

Private Virtual TrainingBuilding skills and making learning stick in today's complex and fast-changing world requires a strategic learning approach and plan. With our learning paths and learning journeys, we work with you to identify what skills your team needs, then provide tailored learning opportunities to build those capabilities.

We have more than 50 courses that we can deliver privately to your team in an interactive virtual environment or at your location. We have options to customize the curriculum and the schedule to your organization's specific needs or to include follow-on coaching and mentoring.

Scheduling is easy—our team sets up a pre-class call, coordinates with instructors, connects with certification boards, and more, to deliver a superior learning experience. Reach out to learn how easy—and how affordable—it is to bring professional training and coaching to your team.



See What Our Students Have to Say

See What Our Customers Have to Say

“Absolutely eye opening!  Finally, a scientific, mathematical approach to testing processes. Tests are pragmatically reduced while coverage is doubled...This workshop could change anyone's QA team to a more efficient, productive, and valuable entity with the SDLC.”
Katharine Baker
“Wonderful, practical examples during the course.  Instructor was VERY knowledgeable and could suggest many tools; class gave me lots of ideas and made me excited to bring back to team.”
Karin Olinger
Alden Systems, Inc.
“I have no IT education but only agile experience, and it was interesting to be able to see different formal testing methods and options. I will definitely apply a lot of what I have learned in this class going forward to improve our test management.”
April Porter
McKee Foods Corporation