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Web Seminars & Downloads

Insights and analysis from thought leaders in agile development and testing, DevOps, security, software testing and test automation, and more. These web seminars and white papers featuring many of our expert instructors bring you insight into best practices, career strategies and guidance, analysis of common software development processes, and more.

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Listen in as Jeffery Payne and container expert Richard Mills, DevOps Architect at Coveros, as they explore what containers are all about and the various ways you can leverage them to improve your software development, test, and deployment process. Learn how containers support a ‘shift left’ philosophy for software testing and application security. Understand how using containers can dramatically reduce your cloud costs for your environments. See an example of how containers can be used to continuously deliver applications from development through testing to production. Whether you are a software developer, a software tester, an IT engineer, or in a software leadership role, you’ll leave with valuable insight into how to gain business value from leveraging containers.

The demands on modern software development drive a robust market for code reuse, open source components, and third-party APIs. But is this dependency making organizations more vulnerable to software supply chain attacks? Explore the causes and consequences of software supply chain attacks with application security pioneer Jeff Williams, the co-founder of OWASP and the current CTO of Contrast Security, and Coveros CEO Jeffery Payne. Learn what supply chain attacks are, what causes them to occur, and how you can best protect your software supply chain. Whether you’re an engineer or an executive, you’ll gain valuable insight into steps you should be taking to protect your software and your organization.

Listen in as long-time testing experts Jeffery Payne, Johanna Rothman, and Robert Sabourin debate whether agile has helped or hurt testing. Each member of this panel has been in the testing community long enough to remember what testing was like before agile and has been involved in agile enough to understand its pros and cons. Hear each of their opinions on this topic as they explore the gray areas between good and bad. Take home a better understanding for how to make your testing process and practices effective in an ever changing world.
Amazon Web Services Enterprise Strategist and author Mark Schwartz discuss the new book, The Delicate Art of Bureaucracy, with Coveros CEO Jeffery Payne. Hear Mark shares his experiences dealing with bureaucracy in large-scale organizations and how he was able to create a lean, learning, and enabling bureaucracy using agile and DevOps methods. Learn what a playbook for bureaucracy is and how having such a playbook can allow you to use bureaucracy for your benefit while at the same time tearing down barriers to success. Take home tips and tricks on how to become a Black Belt Bureaucrat by following the ways of, as Mark calls them, The Monkey, The Razor, and The Sumo Wrestler.

Successfully adopting Agile is more difficult than many anticipate. There are cultural, organizational, team, and technical challenges that must be addressed for Agile to be effective. Fortunately, Agile has been around for nearly 20 years, and a wealth of information exists to help and guide organizations seeking to do it right. Listen in as CEO Jeffery Payne and special guest, Steve McConnell, author of the book More Effective Agile: A Roadmap for Software Leadership explore the practical considerations needed to ensure you reap the full benefits of Agile.

Working successfully in a distributed agile team is not as simple as turning on your webcam and holding virtual meetings. The entire dynamics of teams change, as well as the process and tools needed to be successful. Listen in as Jeffery Payne and the authors of the book From Chaos to Successful Distributed Agile Teams, Johanna Rothman and Mark Kilby, explore how to move from a chaotic distributed agile team process to one in which the team is firing on all cylinders. Take home practical advice on how to structure and run your distributed agile teams that’s based on real-world experience.

Learn key test design principles—applicable to organizations both large and small—that allow you to take full advantage of a DevOps pipeline's capabilities without introducing unnecessary bottlenecks. Listen in as Coveros CEO Jeffery Payne and special guest Melissa Benua, Engineering Lead at mParticle, discuss lessons learned designing tests for continuous integration/delivery. Explore how to make highly reliable tests that run fast and preserve just enough information to let testers and developers determine exactly what went wrong and how to reproduce the error locally. Leave this webinar with ideas on how to avoid testing pitfalls when integrating tests into DevOps.

While leadership styles may change when moving from a start-up to a Fortune 500 company, leadership practices do not! Andrew Glover, Director of Productivity Engineering at Netflix, and Jeffery Payne, Coveros CEO, as they discuss DevOps leadership best practices, Andrew's DevOps leadership journey, and what secrets he has learned and applied at Netflix. Learn what works and what doesn’t from DevOps experts with hands-on, practical experience leading Agile and DevOps initiatives and teams. Hear their lessons learned and how to overcome leadership obstacles during change. Take home valuable tips for leading Agile and DevOps change within your organization.

For nearly 20 years, the questions around AI and software testing have been building. While it’s true that AI has long been used to solve complex problems in our industry, the role of AI in testing has been less clear. Jennifer Bonine, the industry’s first female AI testing tech CEO, and Jeff Payne, Coveros CEO, discuss common AI testing approaches you and your team can employ now and what benefits your organization can realize from these approaches. Take away valuable information on the future role of AI in software testing and how you can best get started applying AI to your testing process.

Cut through the hype and examine the pros and cons of moving toward a more continuous testing process. Hosted by Coveros CEO Jeff Payne, you’ll take home valuable insights into the future of software testing and learn how to get started doing continuous testing for your projects.

While there are many organizations who have successfully transitioned to a DevOps process, an equal number have succumbed to a DevOps Anti-Pattern and not had success. Jeffery Payne from Coveros and special guest Nathen Harvey from Google discuss the DevOps Anti-Patterns they have seen in the wild and what can be done about them. Learn how to avoid these anti-patterns altogether or, if you are already down the road toward one of them, get practical advice on how to get your DevOps initiative back on track.

Is your company currently going through a DevOps transformation? Are you wondering what that actually means? This webinar will explain the fundamentals of what DevOps is and how you can help as an agile leader in your organization. Learn about new technical skills, how to evaluate the value and priority of DevOps projects, and how to measure the success of your work over time. Download the session materials. 

Whether it's agile, DevOps, or digital, the best practices of a successful transformation are often the same. Coveros CEO Jeffery Payne and Executive Vice President Michael Sowers discuss the Agile Transformation Best Practices they've used to successfully transform a variety of large organizations during the past decade.

Organizations today are seeking ways to improve the efficiency of software delivery while still meeting quality and security objectives. DevSecOps provides processes, practices, and tooling to effectively integrate security into your DevOps process, so your software applications can be built, tested, deployed, and used securely. Coveros CEO Jeffery Payne and CTO Tom Stiehm discuss how to leverage open source security tools in a DevOps pipeline and how to shift security left in your delivery process.

Drawing on his years of experiences building test automation and frameworks and advising organizations of all sizes, Max Saperstone recently delivered a keynote address at STARWEST on how teams can achieve robust, maintainable tests that deliver confidence in their application. During this web seminar, Max and Coveros CEO, Jeffery Payne, discuss the key takeaways of this address, including how to structure more maintainable automated tests and developer testing and deployment techniques that can be used to programmatically verify test correctness.