Our Promise


We know it's a challenge when you are looking for training to be able to tell the quality of the instruction you will be receiving. Rest assured that if you select Coveros Training you are choosing an organization that has trained more than 30,000 software professionals around the globe.

For more than twenty-five years, Coveros companies have helped thousands of organizations reach their goals of producing high-value and high-quality software. Coveros is committed to providing the highest quality education and certification products and to delivering a professional training experience each and every time. Our goal is to be your preferred training partner—now and in the future.

We are proud to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with a very simple promise—if we are unable to satisfy you, we will gladly refund your registration fee. To learn more about our commitment to you, contact our Client Support team at 929.777.8102 or [email protected].

See What Our Students Have to Say

“Actually experiencing scrum made all the difference between receiving knowledge and learning something.”
Ted Schmitt
Vulcan, Inc.
“I liked the material provided.  The interactive model followed during the course was very encouraging.  I must admit this is one of the training which kept me attentive, involved and made me feel very much a part of it.”
Akash Bhatia
“I found this course very beneficial and will use what I learned in my work!”
Lindsey Dewey
LDS Church