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Bring A Course To Your City

Looking for a course for your team but don't see a city in your area? Tell us! In addition to private, On-Site Training courses for teams, our training advocates can discuss scheduling a Public Classroom course for your team in your city.

Organizations with at least three people interested in a specific course can request a date and location be added to our schedule. Please note that classes added will not be guaranteed to run, but classes will be confirmed or cancelled no later than 21 days from scheduled class start. Learn more by emailing [email protected].

For more than thirty years, Coveros companies have helped thousands of organizations reach their goals of producing high-value and high-quality software. Coveros is committed to providing the highest quality education and certification products and to delivering a professional training experience each and every time. Our goal is to be your preferred training partner—now and in the future.


See What Our Students Have to Say

“Jeff did an awesome job!  This course really opened my eyes as to how Agile and Scrum SHOULD really be implemented.”
Kevin Kiejko
Pason Systems Corporation
“The exercise to create a scrum game was good and educational.  It helped to drive the principles and ideas taught in the course to hands-on activity.”
John Steadman
Intel Corporation
“Very good course.  It helped me to solidify some of the processes I am already going through or beginning to go through as I work to implement Quality Assurance and a formal testing process within my company.”
Kim Wong
Auctor Corporation