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Upcoming Conference Training Classes

This is the ultimate pairing of agile testing and automation in one epic week. The EPIC conference focuses on practical applications of the knowledge and skills that you and your teams need in an agile world. EPIC training, tutorials, workshops, and sessions will be interactive, filled with experiential learning and storytelling. Get the tools and methods you need to embed agile thinking and practices successfully into your work, team, and company. In addition to the fantastic talks, be engaged by fun games, social events, and networking that help everyone become part of our vibrant community of agile learners and experts. Discover how embracing agile principles can transform you and your work into something EPIC!

No classes available at this time.

Conference Training Classes

No classes available at this time.

Epic Conference Topics

Agile Testing Scrum/Kanban DevOps Agile Transformation Sprint Planning Techniques Agile Leadership AI/ML Test Automation Personal Development Team Excellence Continuous Testing Automation Strategies & Frameworks

Epic Conferences Feature:

  • Keynotes from industry thought leaders
  • Half- and full-day tutorials to let you dive deep into topics
  • Social events including EPIC parties, receptions, and fun games that help everyone become part of our vibrant community of agile learners and experts
  • Conference sessions on major agile testing and automation solutions, including automation strategies, agile test techniques, continuous testing, agile leadership, and more
  • Professional training classes, including Agile Tester Certification, Agile Test Automation, Foundations of DevOps, and more
  • The Expo, featuring top agile testing and automation product and services providers
  • Interactive workshops, filled with experiential learning and storytelling

Who Should Attend

Automation Engineers Operations Engineer Automation Specialist Automation QA SDET Engineer Service Engineer Quality Assurance Engineer Cloud Engineer Software QA Automation Engineer Data Engineer Senior Controls Engineer Manufacturing Engineer Agile Coach / Agile Trainer Agile Scrum Master Agile Business Analyst Software Developer / DevOps Engineer Agile Project Manager Agile Program Manager Test Manager Testers Software Architects