Software Testing Training Week

One popular option for maximizing your skills training is to attend a Software Testing Training Week. Attendees choose from our most popular public courses to build a customized week of training. Choose from specialized testing courses led by some of the industry's most respected and knowledgeable software testing/QA professionals. Attendees get the opportunity to build their own curriculum, network and learn from peers all around the country, and get one-on-one interaction with expert instructors with years of real-world experience. Combine courses in the same location to create a customized week and maximize your training.

Testing Training Week • December 3-7 • Atlanta, GA

Courses Offered  
Software Tester Certification—Foundation Level Learn More
Agile Tester Certification Learn More
Agile Test Automation—ICAgile Learn More
Fundamentals of Selenium Learn More
Foundations of DevOps—ICAgile Certification Learn More
Leadership for Test Managers Learn More
Mobile Application Testing Learn More
Security Testing for Test Professionals Learn More
Dec 03–Dec 07, 2018

Group Savings
Groups Always Save with Coveros Training. Groups of 3-5 can save 10%, and groups of 6+ can save 20%. Check out our Ways to Save to learn more, or contact our Client Support team at 929.777.8102 for custom group pricing.

Testing Training Week Course Pricing

1-Day Course $895
2-Day Course $1545
3-Day Course $2195

Can't make our Testing Training Week? Coveros offers many of our software tester certification, agile testing and development, and requirements courses in cities across the United States and Canada. Check out our Public Training Schedule to see all of our upcoming training courses.