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GitHub Enterprise Foundations

Our all-new hands-on course provides a wide-ranging examination of GitHub, its various features, and how they can help each phase of the software development lifecycle.

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Feb 28Feb 29, 2024
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Mar 04Mar 08, 2024
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Mar 05Mar 07, 2024
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Mar 11Mar 15, 2024
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Mar 12Mar 13, 2024
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Mar 12Mar 14, 2024
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Mar 18Mar 20, 2024
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Mar 19Mar 20, 2024
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Apr 01Apr 05, 2024
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Apr 02Apr 04, 2024
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Apr 03Apr 04, 2024
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Apr 09Apr 10, 2024
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Apr 09Apr 10, 2024
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Apr 16Apr 17, 2024
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“ I liked that the course was conducive to my work schedule; that is, I worked my regular tasks during the morning, had a light lunch, and conveniently sat for the course in the afternoon. Virtual training courses will likely be my new go-to...It was a beautiful experience! ”
Kimbley Grifin
Learning A-Z
“I liked that there was an emphasis on hands-on exercises and that a great application to test with was provided as well as some real-world examples of what is not great. I liked that the instructor helped with the exercises to avoid frustration for students. I enjoy the reinforcement of the developer/tester dynamic required to make testing viable and coordinated.”
Dolores Hagan
BK Consulting
“The materials and information provided were very insightful and useful.  There were very specific action items and guidance provided to the class participants on how to improve our requirements analysis process, and reduce or eliminate ambiguities in our specifications. ”
Jinpil Shin
Capital Group