Coveros offers professional, accredited classes to help you earn or maintain your certification. Our in-person, online, and private team delivery options make certification easier.


The International Software Testing Qualifications Board's Certified Tester—Foundation Level (CTFL) qualification is the world's most-widely accepted software testing certification with more than 750,000 test and QA professionals in more than 125 countries. Prepare for Foundation Level and Advanced Level exams with accredited training from certified instructors.

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The International Consortium for Agile’s (ICAgile) goal is to foster thinking and learning around agile methods, skills, and tools. ICAgile certification is knowledge-based and requires people to demonstrate they have learned both why (the value) and how (the mechanics) for a core set of skills. We offer a variety of ICAgile courses at the foundational, certified professional, and leadership levels.

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AWS—Amazon Web Services

Get the sought-after cloud skills and best practices you need to innovate in the cloud with our 15 accredited AWS Certification courses. Whether you're just getting started with the cloud, building on existing AWS skills, or preparing your team for an enterprise transformation, AWS training and certification can help you be more effective and do more.

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Scaled Agile/SAFe® Agilist Certification

The SAFe® framework helps professionals and organizations advance their business. A SAFe certification empowers you play a key role in driving business transformation.

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